Need a story told on film? I can do it!

Here are my latest projects:

Getting to Know the Cookery

The Cookery cafe in Edgehill is so much more than meets the eye. Behind the scenes, formerly homeless men are working wonders in the kitchen, learning the culinary craft, and much more importantly, rediscovering their dignity. So thrilled to support such a wonderful organization!

Woodferd: I Wonder If 

Peter McKeown of Woodferd is at it again with his thoughtful lyrics and enticing baritone vocals. Filmed throughout East Nashville.


Edible Nashville Videos

Edible Nashville has been running cooking demos all year at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, and I’ve been lucky enough to film a bunch of them.

Rain for Roots: Leaven Bread

Rain for Roots recently produced a new album for kids, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like this.” Leaven bread is my favorite on the album, and it was thrilling to film these two beautiful families baking bread together.

Little Things Studios Kickstarter video

When Kate Whitley of Little Things Studios set out to raise $4000 for a new project through Etsy’s version of Kickstarter, she reached out to me to help show her passion through a video. Kate’s campaign ended up being 466% funded with a total of $18,644 raised!

Woodferd: We are Dead

Peter McKeown of Woodferd is the real deal. See his song “We are Dead” performed live in this abandoned church:

Introducing Garfield Produce.

Garfield Produce is a new, indoor hydroponic farm located in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago. Their mission, though, is not what it might seem. See their stories here…



Bond. Mixology Bond.

Look at how cool we are. We dress up like James Bond and drink Vespers in the South Loop.

Easter at New Community Church

Our church group was told to put on a skit about the Great Commission. We took it to the next level. I am particularly proud of the blooper reel.

Old Time-y Cops and Robbers Silent Film 

This is what happens when old friends get together with a primitive digital camera and an early version of Adobe Premiere to make a Monty Python-esque cops and robbers film. Shot in 2009.


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