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Easter Feast

Happy Belated Easter!  Yes, it has been a week since Easter, but if you think about it, the Easter spirit should fill our hearts all the days of the year, so therefore, Happy Easter!

On Easter morning, I actually managed to yank myself out of bed to head out to the lake for the sunrise.  Good thing too, for it was beautiful.  I’d show you pictures if I didn’t have to pay extra for the cord that connects my phone to my computer. 🙂

What I can show you, however, is pictures of the food we made for our feast.  Now, you may be thinking, “feast” may be a little excessive to describe dinner, even Easter dinner.  But you would be wrong.  It was a proper feast: we were eating from about one in the afternoon to ten at night.  We roasted lamb, made dinner rolls, muffins, deviled eggs, enough fruit salad to feed a large army, green salad, apricot rosemary infused chocolate, and a lamb cake.  It was extraordinary, even for us, and we tend to go overboard with meals.

The recipe for the chocolate cake in the lamb is by far the best chocolate cake recipe I have ever tried.  Check it out here!

Also the real lamb, the roast leg of lamb with mint tarragon butter, check that out here.


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