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Hello World! (Again)

Me as animalGreetings, Blogosphere. I have returned.

After a three year hiatus I finally got myself to sit back down and renew my blogging efforts. I’ve wanted to stretch out my atrophying blogging legs for a long time now, but I admit, I felt reluctant.  I wanted to have something good to write about; something interesting and meaningful, but still fun. I wanted a theme because, after all, many blogs without themes are little more than a snazzy online diary, and I could hardly expect readers to stick around for that.

And then, inspiration struck.  No–literally, inspiration was the key to my theme problem. I wanted to study inspiration itself–track its sources, document its effects, and understand the process through which inspirational stimuli leads to creative breakthroughs.

The inspiration about inspiration came from stumbling upon a video featuring John Cleese speaking on his creative process (see below). The video wasn’t even that good, but I ate it up, and opened tabs for all of the recommended videos in the same vein. It was then I realized: I love creativity. I love learning about it, experiencing it in myself and others, and engaging with the products of creative genius.

I always knew I cared about being as creative as I could be.  My mother was one of the most creative people I ever knew, and in this and many other ways I aspire to be like her.  Not to mention, from the 3rd to the 6th grade I participated in a gifted and talented program that finished out each year with an independent study presented at the creativity fair.  I remember these studies and creative expressions as some of the most formative undertakings of my years of education, and since then, I have sought out opportunities to hone my creative metabolism.  But it wasn’t until that moment with John Cleese that I realized I cared about creativity itself.  After all, it all connects: we are created in God’s image, and God is the ultimate creative genius.  This means we are created creative, and therefore the study of creativity is the study of a glorious ability we all inherited from our Father.

So what will this look like? All kinds of things.  Inspirational stimuli can come from anywhere. I just want to pay more attention to when it hits and what it does to our minds, our worldviews, our work, and our relationships with God.  I expect sometimes it will be deep and blow your mind. Other times (I have no doubt) it will seem inane and just simply whacky for whackiness’ sake. Either way, I hope you will enjoy the ride with me.

Want to think big? Learn what thinking big means. Join me on this journey!


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