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My Latest from Edible Nashville

The new issue of Edible is still circulating around town, so grab your copy! I was thrilled and honored by my assignment for this issue covering a non-profit called Meals 4 Health and Healing.

These wonderful people prepare and deliver immune-boosting meals to cancer patients here in town. This is a critical service for several reasons:

  1. Cancer patients and their caretakers are exhausted from running between doctors appointments, too tired to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals. M4HH takes care of the research, the shopping, and the cooking.
  2. Many Americans eat the Standard American Diet, or SAD, which is mostly highly processed carbs and meat. The SAD diet does more to cause immune deficiencies than combat them. Simply, SAD diets lead to SAD consequences. M4HH partners with clients to educate them in super food science and how eating well can give our immune systems a fighting chance.
  3. Research shows that patients who eat whole foods during treatments show greatly improved reactions to the treatment and reduced side effects.
  4. These improved responses to treatment lead to greatly reduced healthcare costs, up to 60%, in fact, according to a study from the Ceres Project in California.
  5. Many individuals combatting illness also face isolation as a result of their condition. M4HH makes sure every client knows they are loved and supported.

M4HH is always looking for more volunteers! Find out more at their site. Also, here are some of their top healthy eating tips:



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On Being 30

“You’ll be just fine,” my cousin said. “You’re not even in the game yet!” my Dad said. “It’s actually kind of nice,” my friend said.

I didn’t believe any of them. Turning 30 was definitely going to make me feel old.

I celebrated my 30th birthday two weeks ago, and upon reflection, I can say in complete honesty…

…I feel awesome about

This is good news, youths, so take heed and take heart.

It’s a funny thing, really, how we use decades as milestones. It is arbitrary and odd that we do this. Still, culturally we look to 20, 30, 40, etc. as indicators of status, achievement, and life stage. Most of us want to have accomplished certain things within each ten year span. Setting goals is not bad in itself, but when we turn arbitrary goals into a lens through which we judge others, we feed the beastly social stigma of believing we all need to be young, beautiful prodigies. So around the world we go, many if not most of us walking in this cloud of underachieving shame, self-perpetuating our victimhood to irrational standards of youth and performance.

The day after my birthday, however,  I awoke feeling liberated. I realize now that, whether real or imagined, I let this stigma hang over my twenties. Since adolescence, I thought I had to hide my imperfections, please others, and downplay my own interests. I felt like people doubted me, thinking I was unprepared and inexperienced, and I let them. I felt like a poser. I felt somehow not quite a full person.

No longer.

Whether or not this stigma is real, it no longer has control over me. Something about turning 30 empowers me to say, “I’m not gonna take any more crap from anybody.” I’m going to like what I like and be as exuberant as I please. I’m going accomplish amazing things and from now on the only things stopping me is me. I’m going to do what I want. Why? BECAUSE I’M AN EFFING ADULT!

I know living this out is not going to be easy; changing a habit never is. I have always envied my husband who learned many of these lessons years ago and has always impressed people with his confidence and passion. I regret letting myself feel what is essentially delayed adolescent awkwardness for so much of my twenties, when I could have been doing good, uninhibited, creative work. But the goal now is to look forward to the future. Being young is overrated. The future means wisdom, which I crave, and growing in Christlike love for others, which I need. Analyzing past pains can only get me so far with those goals.

Whether age 30 is behind or ahead of you, the point is, for all of us, to embrace our God-made selves, and to shake off arbitrary inhibitions. We should be living BIG, and living into our characters, our vocations, and our loves, and focus on making something of this world with eternal significance.

Ironic, how it took an arbitrary birthday to get that. God is funny sometimes.


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Photo Friday: Chattanooga Dreamin’

Josh surprised me with a weekend getaway to Chattanooga last weekend, complete with a fancy meal at St. John’s Restaurant (FABULOUS) and a two-night stay at the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. It felt great to be exploring another new city with my camera. Here is what I saw…

art museum

brick shadows


bw bridge






coke wall 3

flowers on fence


horse sculpture

josh in chair

market light

pizza wall

plant and door



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I made it to 30, in more ways than one. Over the last several weeks I’ve been on a quest to make 30 things more or less from scratch with March 4, my 30th birthday, as the deadline.


I have linked to the remaining items below. See my first and second and third and fourth updates.

Here is the final list of things MADE, with the update number in parenthesis:

  1. A Latte (0)
  2. Peter’s music video (1)
  3. A Shadow Puppet (3)
  4. A Logo (4)
  5. A Mosaic (1)
  6. A Necklace (1)
  7. A Peking Duck (3)
  8. A Renaissance Feast (2)
  9. My Renaissance Costume (2)
  10. Josh’s Renaissance Costume (2)
  11. A Tiered Cake (2)
  12. A Swedish Meal (4)
  13. A Baby Hat (4)
  14. A Documentary on the Renaissance Party (Watch Below)
  15. A Sculpture (4)
  16. A Dog Toy Prototype (4)
  17. A Food Story + Recipe for Josefin (3)
  18. A Standing Souffle (1)
  19. A Short Story
  20. A Chalkboard (4)
  21. An original Ukulele song, recorded (hear below)
  22. A Musical Cover, recorded (hear below)
  23. A Dog Collar (4)
  24. A Comic Strip (4)
  25. Kintsugi (4)
  26. A Decision on a New Computer 
  27. Cheesy Grits (4)
  28. Semlör (Swedish Pastry) (4)
  29. An Epic Poem
  30. Creative Writing Portfolio


My musical cover…may God spare your ears…

My original song…may God spare your ears…though he might not because it is Psalm 139 set to music…

The Elizabethan Murder Mystery Documented:

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