Edible Video!

No, not edible video–a video for Edible Nashville, silly!

For those of you in the area, Edible Nashville puts on cooking demos every other week at the Nashville Farmers Market. A few weeks back I filmed the event and put together this little video compiling Chef Jesse Goldstein’s best tips for his marinated cucumber and peach salad. Check it out!

For readers of this creativity blog, this video posed several interesting creative challenges. To begin with, it was the first video we produced to accompany our print and web content, so style and feel had not been determined. This meant trial and error work, asking questions and reshaping the content until it “clicked.” Questions included ‘Should there be audio?’ and ‘what is the best pace for this video?’ and, most importantly, ‘what is going to make this video most valuable for viewers?’

I also had to deal with the challenges of collecting footage I didn’t know how to use and using footage I couldn’t change. This is where more experienced videographers and storytellers have the edge: they learn over time which images and messages they need to collect in order to make things work. Even so, there is always a serendipitous element to live shoots, and there much that can never be anticipated. No matter what, editorial work ends up depending on a healthy dose of creativity to see footage for the many ways in which they can be used. For instance, you might have opened with a strong shot, but then realized it would serve better in the middle or as a closing shot. Or there could be a shot that looks really good, but doesn’t advance the message of the video, and you hear your writing teacher’s voice in your head…kill your darlings. Or there could be a shot that has a flaw, but you notice that you can snip here and stretch here and actually turn it into the missing link to complete your mini film.

In short, this video project combined an interesting balance of big picture thinking and detail attention. Because of this, I find that analyzing creative process can be very helpful to asking the right questions. What is your creative process like? What questions are you asking in your work? Do share!



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