Story of Fascinating Man

“I don’t know if you saw it on the UChicago website…” I began, about to refer my interviewee to one of my articles.

“Oh yes! About the animator guy! He sounded FASCINATING!”

That wasn’t the article I meant, but I laughed, knowing the joke. I explained, “Yes, he certainly is. But you should know I’m super biased. That guy is my husband.”

The article I wrote about my husband came about in a funny way. This assignment was a part of a series talking about how UChicago alumni are applying their different majors. Josh was, well, available and nearby, so I interviewed him. This does not mean, however, that his proximity detracts whatsoever from his fascinating qualities.

Josh has had a very interesting, nonlinear career path as he has navigated his ever-growing body of interests. I think his story is inspiring. But again, I am SUPER biased. 🙂

josh screenshot


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