My Latest from Edible Nashville

The new issue of Edible is still circulating around town, so grab your copy! I was thrilled and honored by my assignment for this issue covering a non-profit called Meals 4 Health and Healing.

These wonderful people prepare and deliver immune-boosting meals to cancer patients here in town. This is a critical service for several reasons:

  1. Cancer patients and their caretakers are exhausted from running between doctors appointments, too tired to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals. M4HH takes care of the research, the shopping, and the cooking.
  2. Many Americans eat the Standard American Diet, or SAD, which is mostly highly processed carbs and meat. The SAD diet does more to cause immune deficiencies than combat them. Simply, SAD diets lead to SAD consequences. M4HH partners with clients to educate them in super food science and how eating well can give our immune systems a fighting chance.
  3. Research shows that patients who eat whole foods during treatments show greatly improved reactions to the treatment and reduced side effects.
  4. These improved responses to treatment lead to greatly reduced healthcare costs, up to 60%, in fact, according to a study from the Ceres Project in California.
  5. Many individuals combatting illness also face isolation as a result of their condition. M4HH makes sure every client knows they are loved and supported.

M4HH is always looking for more volunteers! Find out more at their site. Also, here are some of their top healthy eating tips:


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