I made it to 30, in more ways than one. Over the last several weeks I’ve been on a quest to make 30 things more or less from scratch with March 4, my 30th birthday, as the deadline.


I have linked to the remaining items below. See my first and second and third and fourth updates.

Here is the final list of things MADE, with the update number in parenthesis:

  1. A Latte (0)
  2. Peter’s music video (1)
  3. A Shadow Puppet (3)
  4. A Logo (4)
  5. A Mosaic (1)
  6. A Necklace (1)
  7. A Peking Duck (3)
  8. A Renaissance Feast (2)
  9. My Renaissance Costume (2)
  10. Josh’s Renaissance Costume (2)
  11. A Tiered Cake (2)
  12. A Swedish Meal (4)
  13. A Baby Hat (4)
  14. A Documentary on the Renaissance Party (Watch Below)
  15. A Sculpture (4)
  16. A Dog Toy Prototype (4)
  17. A Food Story + Recipe for Josefin (3)
  18. A Standing Souffle (1)
  19. A Short Story
  20. A Chalkboard (4)
  21. An original Ukulele song, recorded (hear below)
  22. A Musical Cover, recorded (hear below)
  23. A Dog Collar (4)
  24. A Comic Strip (4)
  25. Kintsugi (4)
  26. A Decision on a New Computer 
  27. Cheesy Grits (4)
  28. Semlör (Swedish Pastry) (4)
  29. An Epic Poem
  30. Creative Writing Portfolio


My musical cover…may God spare your ears…

My original song…may God spare your ears…though he might not because it is Psalm 139 set to music…

The Elizabethan Murder Mystery Documented:


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