30×30 Challenge: Update #1

Last week I set out on a Maker’s expedition and challenged myself to make 30 things by my 30th birthday. As the (fateful) day approaches, I am pleased to report that I have made some good progress in the last week.

So far I have made…

#2 Peter’s Video

Back in the fall my buddy Peter McKeown (the talented singer-songwriter behind Woodferd) and I filmed footage to illustrate one of his new songs. We were going for a Wes Anderson-esque look. To do this properly, I will need to play with the colors and saturation quite a bit, but I finished the first edit last week. Take a look and send some kudos Peter’s way.

#6 Standing Souffle

Mwa ha ha ha! I did it! I am a master chef! After doing some research to prep for this experiment, I discovered that all souffles do eventually collapse, but it is still a question of whether you can get them to poof and stay poofed for long enough to present it to your guests. Like a doofus, I accidentally bonked the ramekin while trying to take a picture of the souffle, making it sink a bit, but over all I am very pleased with the degree of poof.



#30 Jewelry.

I made two pieces of jewelry. The first necklace comes from an old earring that has long lost its pair and a chain from a necklace I never liked.


The second is mini mosaic pendant. It still needs its own chain. To make it, I bashed up this mosaic tile I’ve had in my art supplies for years and finally answered the question, “How hard could mosaics be?” Answer? Very.


I have also made excellent progress on my shadow puppet and my renaissance costume.

What about you? Go! Make things! ¡Ándale!



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