New Year, New Toy!

Happy New Year All!

Ok, confession time: I bought myself a pretty nifty Christmas present last December. A Nifty Fifty in fact, otherwise known as a 50mm fixed lens f/1.8 for my Nikon.


I don’t normally geek out about equipment, but here is a little explanation: In my photography reading I kept coming back to the principle of fast lenses, so called because the wider aperture (most lenses don’t go lower than f/3.5) allows for faster shutter speeds in low light shots. I also learned that fixed lenses, or lenses that don’t zoom, create crisper images. The advantages of a fast, fixed lens therefore would nicely compliment my super versatile 18-200mm zoom, which as wonderful as it is, limits me in low light situations, especially with food photography. Fortunately, a nifty fifty is one of the least expensive lenses you can get!

Over the holiday I tried my hand with the new lens across many different situations. With very little effort on my part, I saw a big difference in the results in all categories, including low light shots, food shots, and portraits. Incidentally, I can simultaneously show off the results of our Star Wars Themed New Years. 🙂

See the Nifty Fifty perform…

chicago street

…On A Chicago Street at Dusk


music box

…At Chicago’s Music Box Theater at night after watching It’s a Wonderful Life



…In Mammoth Caves National Park



…On Christmas Cookies



…on Star Wars themed bagel dough



…on Star Wars themed bagels



…On Storm Trooper Marshmallows



…On a portrait of the strapping Petter


josefin model

…And on a portrait of the fabulous Josefin



This was not taken with the nifty fifty; I just wanted to show off our New Years Star Wars Costumes.



Regrettably, I also did not shoot this with the new lens. If I had bothered to switch it, I would have been able to get a lot more light in there. Even so, admire these Star Wars cocktails I invented: “Just another Tatooine Sunrise” and “Han Shot First.”






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One response to “New Year, New Toy!

  1. Fan Goodrich

    Love it, Em! I’ve got a fixed lense that I use 99% of the time too.

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