Let the Christmas Crafting Begin!

The last few Christmases I spent more money at Michael’s craft store than I care to admit. Normally I’m not the “crafty” type. I don’t typically strive to make things generically cute, and I never scrapbook. I have nothing against scrapbookers; I just don’t cut things well–very bad with scissors.

But at Christmas a change comes over me and I get the urge to create adorableness and give it as gifts. Last year I wrote about this same phenomenon. I said how growing up we had a refrigerator magnet that read, “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here,” but judging by my Christmas crafts I didn’t deserve the magnet anymore.


I channeled my inner Martha, and it looks like this year will be similar.

Add to this that this year, working for Edible Nashville, I am exposed to so many nifty ideas for food gifts to give that it is difficult to set boundaries. Here is a list of five fantabulous new challenges I plan to undertake:

  1. Sugared Cranberries from Love and Olive Oil
  2. Homemade Bourbon Marshmallows from For the Love of the SouthBourbon-Vanilla-Marshmallows
  3. Passionfruit Caramels/Gingerbread Caramels, Love and Olive Oil
  4. Rhubarb Simple Syrup(Assuming I can find rhubarb in December)2014-05-19-rhubarb-syrup-1
  5. Goozy’s Chocolate Decadence Cookie

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