Halloween ReHash: It’s all in the details!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your Halloween weekend was appropriately outlandish.

After reflecting on last weekend’s festivities and wicked-good costumes, I have had an epiphany: costumes are like dancing–it’s all about the confidence. Just like you can’t just to bop your head to a tune and call it dancing, you need to be all in with a costume for it to work.

This Halloween our friends had two parties, a Lord of the Rings Marathon during the day and a Harry Potter party at night (I know; nerds and proud!). I am exceptionally proud of my friends for the effort they put into their outfits. They really went all out with their costumes and incorporated some excellent details. Best of all, they strut their stuff with attitudes befitting the characters they impersonated.

Here are some photos with the details highlighted. Enjoy!


bella harry


dark mark

elf hobbit


not tell lies

trelawney and slytherin


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