I’m in Edible! (and I’m INedible!)

I’m published in Edible Nashville Magazine! The September/October issue, now sweeping the city off its culinary feet, has TWO articles by yours truly. I’m so pleased!

Edible, a national magazine, is published locally in more than 80 different cities around the country. While each city follows a similar focus on its respective local food scene, each publication has its own flavor, and I am very pleased to be a part of the Nashville team. The editor regularly shares a goal for the magazine which I fully support: Get more people cooking. The magazine seeks to increase curiosity about food and where it comes from, and not just among the elites and the foodies, but for anyone who wants to try something new. The magazine strikes a balance between trendy and accessible, high quality and affordable, and does so while always looking beautiful. Since last January when it started, each issue has enticed readers with stories about farmers, chefs, and events, along with intriguing recipes and delectable photography. If you are local, go find a copy! If you live elsewhere, here is a digital version for you to peruse.

As to my articles, I could not have been happier with the subject matter. The first, titled The Home Cook, is a new column in Edible that features a Nashvillian in his or her own kitchen perfecting his or her own recipe of a favorite dish. My assignment for this issue was to divine the ultimate zucchini bread recipe. To do this, I researched many different recipes and baked three very different samples for friends and family to try. From these guinea pigs I collected feedback on what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they expect out of their zucchini bread. Read the article to see what I learned and to get the recipe for Emily’s Ultimate Zucchini bread.

In some ways, I am even more pleased with my second second article. I was assigned to cover a local farmers market to give it some hype. The story that I got was more than I could have hoped for. I learned that this farmers market got started by just three people wanting to help their community back in 2009. Their group, Hip Donelson, is now going on 20,000 followers and their market welcomes more than 3,500 people a week. As if this story wasn’t nifty enough, one of the gentlemen I interviewed stopped short and ran off to go join a flashmob in the middle of the market. I called the article Radishes and Renaissance. Enjoy!

cherry tomatoes 3



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3 responses to “I’m in Edible! (and I’m INedible!)

  1. Congratulations Emily! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. Nashville… Farm to Table, Fork to Mouth!
    You make Edible and Nashville proud!

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