Latest Video: Leaven Bread by Rain for Roots

How would you like to film people baking bread, making art, and playing with adorable children?

Um, Heck YES!

You know, this freelance thing might be hard, but sometimes a super fun project falls right in your lap, and you find yourself suppressing your giggles because you are shaking the camera.

A few months ago I was asked to do this video for a music group called Rain for Roots featuring Sandra McCracken, Flo Paris, Ellie Holcomb, Katy Bowser and Alice Smith. They produced an album called, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This,” which musically illustrates biblical parables for kids. They have been producing videos in different styles to give visuals as the kids follow along with the music. I had the privilege to produce the video for the song, “Leaven Bread,” and film two families baking bread together. Here is the final project:

For the sake of this creativity blog, here a few comments about the storyboards I did for this project:

1) Storyboards give confidence. Normally for my video projects, I create an outline with the shots I want to get, but I also leave a good bit open to day-of serendipity. This time around I did complete storyboards. Once these were approved by the client, I not only had a complete list of shots I needed to collect, but I also had more confidence that I was on the right track in terms of the client’s vision for the project. The storyboards created a mid-point check in so that both the client and I could feel comfortable about the filming plan.

2) Storyboards give context to the “Talent.” I brought the storyboards to the shoot and, boy, was I glad I did. Not only did we have six young kids who all wanted to know what was going on, but one of the mothers had limited English, so communication could have been very difficult. The pictures proved invaluable in explaining to this mother what I was going to be doing in her house. It also got the kids really excited to see the story they were about to act out.

3) Storyboards keep you on track. So, Kids move. A lot. It’s distracting. Another reason I was happy I did the storyboards was because there were six kids running around a tiny kitchen during the shoot. I could only catch so much in the moment, and I had a linear story to tell. Having the complete storyboards with me helped me film nonlinearly while making sure I didn’t forget anything.



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2 responses to “Latest Video: Leaven Bread by Rain for Roots

  1. Kay Lynn

    I love this video….my three-year old asks to watch it all the time. One question, though: what is the ice cream container in the bowl for?? Did it go in the bread? That must have been some amazing bread!

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