Photo Friday: Crown Point Gets Artsy!

crown point courthouseFun fact: My husband was the seventh generation Sauerman to grow up on his family’s farm in Crown Point, IN. It’s fun, and sometimes heart-wrenching, to see how the town changes over time. Fortunately, it seems lately that Crown Point is bursting with fun new additions from coffee shops on the town square to an enormous and beautiful new library.

One of the treats of our Independence Day weekend visit was to see the new public art exhibit on display around the center of town. With the help of several local sponsors, Crown Point welcomed 11 sculptures by the famed Seward Johnson II to the town square. These realistic, life-size bronze statues definitely catch the eye, and it’s fun to watch the passerby do a double-take, pause, and then cautiously approach the statues for a closer appreciation of the extraordinary detail. One of the statues caused such a stir that the police received multiple calls from concerned citizens wondering why no one was helping the poor woman cross the street.

Here is a collection of photos I took of the exhibit. Enjoy!









Archie got a little handsy.




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