Creatively Combatting Gun Violence

Warning: These photos might make you cry. I cried.

I stumbled across this article this morning highlighting a new art exhibit in downtown Chicago. The exhibit seeks to bring awareness to the epidemic of gun violence plaguing the city:

Victims of Chicago gun violence memorialized in lifelike statues

This is one of the most creative and poignant awareness projects I have ever seen. It is both elegant in its simplicity and gut-wrenching in its depth. The poses and figures seem so lifelike, but as I continue to look I just keep asking, “Where is the face? WHERE IS THE FACE?” The answer, “Gone,” hangs in the air like the echo of a gun shot.

I hope that they make this exhibit permanent. I would like to see these statues placed strategically in areas of frequent gang activity to stand guard over the neighborhoods and to prick the consciences of the perpetrators. I think the statues should be encased in bullet-proof glass so that, like Snow White in her glass coffin, their beauty will be preserved and the imprint of life that remains will nevermore be harmed.


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