Why I painted a tiny egg globe…

So I was thinking, ‘Wow, it has been a while since I did any zany art projects. I’ve let myself slack off. Shame.’ Fortunately, Easter gave me impetus to get back on that wacky horse.

You see, I grew up, well, not normal. My mom raised us to think outside the box whenever possible with our creative energies. Do you want to build a snowman?* Well, what if we build a life-size snow LION instead? You want to bake a birthday cake? What if we made a birthday PIRATE SHIP cake? You want to carve a jack-o-lantern? How ’bout a political caricature pumpkin instead?

More than likely my children will likewise be NOT normal. My friend Michelle has already jokingly told me her children are not allowed to play with my (as of yet unborn) children. She means it as a compliment (at least I hope she does). Most people don’t spend energy the way I do. She understands that my drive to zaniness is so deeply ingrained I won’t be able to help myself from dropping everything to paint Easter eggs into tiny globes.

She has a point. This is, in fact, what I did today. I ought to be packing for our move this Saturday, but instead I woke up and immediately got to work on a tiny egg globe. Not. Normal.

Here are photos of my globe as well as the last two years’ egg projects. I hope they encourage you to step beyond the boundaries of normal and dig deeper with your creativity!










Our growing collection, including some done by friends.

Our growing collection, including some done by friends.

*I won’t judge you if you just started singing Frozen music.


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