Photo Friday: Anglophile Therapy

Sometimes, when I feel in a funk, I nurture my inner anglophile and I feel better. Try it sometime. My technique is to turn on some good ol’ Doc Martin, drink tea, and–when I get serious–make some clotted cream. I also flash back to our road trip through southwest England two summers ago. Considering I have some cream clotting up nicely in the fridge at the moment, I decided I would pull you into my flashback with some photos from the journey. Enjoy!

We began our journey in Oxford where my sister had just finished her study abroad program.

Needless to say, it was very grand.

Detour in the Cotswolds. Yes, places like this actually exist.

Getting our Jane Austen kicks in Bath.

Getting our Roman kicks at the Baths in Bath.

My Father holding the land of his forefathers.

Thoroughly wowed by Wells cathedral.

The Well of Wells.

PROOF! We found my great great great grandparents’ grave!

Dartmoor National Park. Yep.

The land of my ancestors.

Where ponies roam…

Up for a stroll?

Where fairies come from…

Holiday by the Sea.

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Devon Cream Tea.




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2 responses to “Photo Friday: Anglophile Therapy

  1. deacondorothee

    lovely tour… especially liked the photo of your dad.

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