Only us explorers…

Do you remember that scene in The Truman Show when the child Truman tells his teacher he wants to be an explorer and she tells him he can’t because there is no where else to explore? It’s a funny moment given the context of the story, as Truman is in fact trapped in an entirely artificial world, but behind our laughter we squirm a little. Don’t we all fear, at least a little bit, that there really is no where else to explore? That we as a people are rapidly approaching a plateau to the world’s mysteries? Well, read these sentences and tell me if you think I made them up:

“An expedition to Honduras has emerged from the jungle with dramatic news of the discovery of a mysterious culture’s lost city, never before explored.”

“…this vanished culture has been scarcely studied and it remains virtually unknown. Archaeologists don’t even have a name for it.”

“For a hundred years, explorers and prospectors told tales of the white ramparts of a lost city glimpsed above the jungle foliage. Indigenous stories speak of a “white house” or a “place of cacao” where Indians took refuge from Spanish conquistadores—a mystical, Eden-like paradise from which no one ever returned.”

“Archaeologists, however, no longer believe in the existence of a single “lost city,” or Ciudad Blanca, as described in the legends. They believe Mosquitia harbors many such “lost cities,” which taken together represent something far more important—a lost civilization.”

I did not make these up. In case you missed it, two weeks ago National Geographic posted this article about the findings of a lost civilization in the jungles of Honduras. This article made me flash back to It’s a Wonderful Life when the young George Bailey tells his future wife, “I’ve been nominated for the National Geographic Society! Only us explorers can get it!” I love his optimism in that scene, and I think we need to stoke that optimism of discovery in ourselves. This article reminds us that there is hope for our inner explorers after all. Cheers!


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