Photo Friday: Flashback

Nashville was encased in ice this week. The entire country endured plunging temperatures. But the Virgin Islands exist, soo…God is good! I encourage all of you, if you are able (and ‘able’ is probably within reach for more of you than you think), figure out a way to get away, get warm, and stimulate your brain with beauty.

For this Photo Friday I will journey back in time to 2005 when my family went to St. John. I hope they can inspire you go on an adventure of your own!


Sunset from the St. John Ferry



Trunk Bay, regularly voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. See those islands? They are surrounded by coral reefs beneath the surface. We saw a turtle while snorkeling!



For real.



Look at how adorable my siblings were in 2005! Living it up at Trunk Bay.



Two Lovely Mermaids



Yeah. That happened.



This is the setting of one of the best lunches I’ve ever had. Two words: Conch. Chowder.




Hiking in Virgin Islands National Park.





The car rental company upgraded us to a jeep for free. It was the most beautiful vehicle that ever was. We had quite a time blasting Bob Marley with the top down in this baby.




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