Nashville the Popsicle

I’m learning all kinds of new things living down South. For instance, people let you pass in front of them in traffic. Weird, right? They also seem to have no qualms about using their cell phones while driving. Today, I hope they do neither of these things; the entire city is covered in a sheet of ice.

Interestingly, the city infrastructure doesn’t seem like it is going to do anything about it. On the radio this morning they said that city officials ‘urge people to stay home.’ That’s their solution: everyone stay home. Living in Chicago the last ten years I witnessed amazing feats of winter weather combat on the part of the city government. Mind you, this is not because they actually care, but because they’ve learned the hard way that the quickest way not to get reelected is to leave streets unplowed. Still, despite mixed motives, I will never forget how they cleared two miles worth of snow and abandoned cars from Lake Shore Drive in Snowpocalypse of 2011. And so it is with crinkled eyebrows I look out my window at the glaciated streets and ask, “So…we will just, er, wait…for it to melt?”

This might take a while. The forecast doesn’t show any temperatures above freezing for several days. A 1/4 inch of ice encases everything in creation. Josh spent half an hour removing sheets of ice from our cars this morning, and then couldn’t get on the highway because some poor soul slid into a cop car on I-65.

In an effort to stay positive, I went and took some photos to show the prettier side of ice storms. Enjoy.










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  1. The Ice Man cometh! Ya’ll…

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