Photo Friday: Christmas Craft-straganza!

When I was growing up we had a magnet that read, “Martha Stewart doesn’t live here.” We placed it proudly on the front of our fridge for all to see. It really was telling. I think it was even cracked. Our family excelled in a messy, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of artistic, i.e. not the hospitable, step-by-step craftiness in which women like Martha excel. We made gak and pirate ship birthday cakes and caricatured politician-carved pumpkins. Our house always had multiple projects going; few of them were ever finished, let alone with Martha’s trademark flourishes. And we liked it that way.

This Christmas, however, I fear I don’t deserve that magnet any more. I actually managed to get so crafty this year that I surprised myself. I made my own Christmas stockings. I made three varieties of homemade marshmallows and three varieties of chocolate bark. I cut out my christmas cookies into stars and trees, a novelty in my house where previous years have yielded Mr. T snowmen, T-Rexes, and giant squid cookies.

So oh well. I suppose a bit of craftiness won’t hurt. For Photo Friday, I’m gonna show off my creations. Merry Christmas from Tennessee, y’all!









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