Photo Friday: The Christmas Menu

They say that women have a biological trigger that releases chemicals to help them forget the pain of childbirth. Sometimes I wonder if that trigger gets pulled at other times as well. For instance, every December I become incredibly, if not dangerously, ambitious about creating homemade Christmas treats. Two years ago I stretched myself so far that I was sick for 3 weeks after the holidays. But it is now mid-December, and the mini-amnesia has set in. I am determined: CHRISTMAS WILL AND ALWAYS SHALL BE DELICIOUS SO HELP ME!

This year, as if we weren’t already going to outdo ourselves, my family will be coming to spend Christmas in Nashville with us. Time to roll up the sleeves and get serious. Our goal? THE FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES. And linzer cookies with jam. And homemade marshmallows. And 3 kinds of Christmas chocolate bark. I will let you know how it goes.

But for now, I wanted to share with you pictures from previous years’ Christmas feasts and treats to whet your appetite. I hope these inspire you to likewise get cracking and get creative in the kitchen!


The Surf


The Turf



multicolored roasted potatoes




All about da sprouts


The Spread



For the Neighbors


That’s Right. We made a friggin GOOSE.



Borrowing from the Swiss…Cheese Fondue!


Extra points for anyone who LIGHTS STUFF ON FIRE! (This was English pudding, fyi)




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