Photo Friday: the Nashville edition

DSC_0411We’ve been living in Nashville for almost two months now. People who know about our great migration inevitably ask, “How are you liking Nashville?” And inevitably, they get this reaction from me:

“Ahh….well….err….IIIIIieeeeaahhh…. ummm”….shrug. “It’s different.” Not a very creative answer, I know.

DSC_0413The fact is the jury is still out on the Nashville question. It’s not the kind of question that I can answer succinctly. Nashville has many pros and cons. Consider the coffee shops. I am currently drinking a yummy caramel coffee concoction. PRO. But, I paid $5 for it. CON. But, this coffee shop gives their profits towards building wells in third world countries. PRO. But, I had to drive here, because Nashvillians have to drive everywhere. CON. But, there is usually parking everywhere. PRO. Except if you are downtown. CON. But, we don’t have to cross through downtown like you do in Chicago. PRO. But this is true of most people who live here, so everywhere else is even more congested. CON. But at least many of the smaller roads are pretty and tree-lined. PRO. But we’ve been driving a lot because nothing is near anything else because this city was planned–we are convinced–by people who took all the things a city needs, shook them up like Yatzee dice, and threw them out onto a map. MAJOR CON.

The list goes on. In short, “How are you liking Nashville?” equals a question fraught with conflict.

However, one thing I can say without reservation is that this area has a magnificently beautiful Autumn. Here are a few shots I took a couple years ago while visiting Nashville in late October. This year was just as beautiful.






DSC_0450\ DSC_0447




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One response to “Photo Friday: the Nashville edition

  1. William Goertel / WMG

    I like that you are here. PRO
    I didn’t know you before. CON
    I know you now and you are in Nashville. PRO

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