Bond. Mixology Bond.

When someone invites you to dress up like you’re in a Bond film and come to an elegant gathering in a fancy South Loop apartment to learn how to make Bond-esque cocktails, you don’t say no.

Josh Bond and me

I’m really proud of my hair.

Josh and Daniel do a little reenacting.

“Morning in Your Eyes.” A Michael Yee Creation.

Our fabulous hosts, Doug and Jeanne

Seriously, these fancier things in life don’t happen all the time. These are the things we will tell our kids about as we look back on our days before kids. Plus, these are the times to tap our creative juices and make a public spectacle of ourselves. Needless to say, Josh and I took full advantage down to the red carnations. I even watched make-up and hairstyling YouTube videos–which I never do–to try to get that “Bond Girl” look down. And the best part: my dress only cost $7 from the thrift store! See the full photo album.

While at the party, I made sure to stretch out the creative opportunity by filming the party-goers and the cocktail making process in the hopes of putting together a video our hosts could use as an advertisement for their next party. See what you think of the final product!

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