Frozen Dads

Disclaimer: I don’t really get the hype over Disney’s Frozen.

I know, I know…keep your ear muffs on and let me explain.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film both times I saw it. I’ve been singing along to the tunes like everyone else. “Let it Go” is frequently featured in my shower. The snowman Olaf still makes me laugh. But…it is now 8 months past the film’s release and people are still obsessed. Did you know people have waited for 5 hours to meet the two Frozen princesses at Disney World?

Why is this? Why is Frozen so different from other recent Disney films? For instance, Tangled’s adaptation of the classic Rapunzel story impresses me more each time I see it. The visual development of the New Orleans world of The Princess and the Frog is absolutely enchanting. Yet these films don’t seem to get due acclaim.

Additionally, the story in Frozen has many holes. For instance, why does Elsa’s power need to be kept secret from Anna? Why does Anna feel so trapped and alone when is seems like she is perfectly free to leave the castle? Why does Olaf claim to be constantly dreaming of summer when he only materialized, like, uh, 5 minutes ago? Why trolls? Why do they have knowledge of Elsa’s gift/curse?  Why is there no foreshadowing of **spoiler** Hans’ betrayal, especially after that cute love song? I could go on, but all this to say, I just don’t quite get it.

However, while I don’t understand the hype, that is not to say that I am not enjoying it. I’ve gotten a particular kick out of how these Dads have jumped into the flow, so watch and enjoy!

This one is both parents, and its already gone totally viral but I wanted to share it anyway. I love how their daughter couldn’t care less in the backseat.


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One response to “Frozen Dads

  1. deopatriaeamicis

    Agreed. I felt like Frozen was OK, but not nearly as good as other recent animated Disney films that got a lot less hype. Bits of animation are beautiful and there were a few chuckles, but overall it was underwhelming after all the gushing I heard before watching it. I enjoyed the music less than some of the other Disney films just because it didn’t seem to have a unique style that helped set the mood – The Princess and the Frog had a great combination of southern music styles, The Little Mermaid has calypso going, The Lion King had some African influences, etc.. Frozen just felt like current pop music…fine, but not that unique? Love that last video clip with the couple and the oblivious kid.

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