UnFrozen: Letting go of inhibitions

I received a lesson about inhibition the other day. It came packaged in the delightful voice of a child singing the big number from Disney’s Frozen (If you haven’t seen it, get thee to a cinema. Only then you will know why people who have seen it will be laughing when I say, “I don’t have a skull.”)

Here is the clip from the movie featuring the powerful lungs of Idina Menzel:

Here is the version featuring the equally moving performance by 3-year-old Ella:

Now, I might not belt with the oomph of Ms. Menzel, nor do I display the adorableness associated with being 3. But there is no reason why I too can’t sing with abandon*. Confidence, after all, is half, or at least some large percentage, of any battle. And like Maria tells us in The Sound of Music, we can have confidence in confidence, suggesting that even feigned confidence will win us satisfaction. Little Ella has inspired me, as the song says, to LET IT GO.


*I’m going to assume my neighbors find it endearing. 🙂

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