Thinking outside the piano box…

Here is another video to get you into the Christmas spirit, and also to stretch your head with all of the ways a piano can make sounds. What is the essence of a piano, anyway? Whatever your answer is, these Piano Guys will change your mind.

In many ways, this video is a perfect example for how to think outside the box–perfect, in part, because there actually is a box in this case. Most likely, this was an organic, serendipitous discovery. When these Piano Guys first started turning their pianos inside out, I imagine the process looked something like this:

I’ve always wanted to touch the strings in a piano. Ooo, cool! Listen to this! What if we took bow strings to it? Nifty! What if I pluck, you play, you pull, you drum, we all sing…Glooooooooooooorrriia!

¬†Assuming the discovery of these sounds was more accidental than intentional, we might conclude that such inspiration requires waiting around for accidents to happen, or at least, waiting around until we do something as mischievous as messing with the strings in a very expensive instrument (I’m imagining the look on my piano teacher’s face now, should I have ever dared to even breath wrong on that Steinway). But when I see this video, I see a creative process in action. We can draw a lot from this process and apply it to any number situations requiring creativity–albeit, a little less organically. Breaking this down, the process might look something like this, probably repeated a number of times before coming to rest on a creative solution:

  1. What are we trying to achieve?
  2. What assumptions can we question? Is there anything we can use in ways it wasn’t meant to be used?
  3. What happens if we move this/touch this/juxtapose this/add/subtract/multiply/expand/etc.?
  4. How does this get us closer to our goal?

Does this resonate with you? What does your creative process look like? Leave a comment and keep the conversation going!

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