Beethoven, the Flash Mob

Being in a flash mob is a major bucket list item for me. If you are organizing a flash mob anywhere near Chicago, please sign me up.

Until I make my flash mob debut, I will get my kicks watching them. They make people stop and think. They make people rethink what’s normal. They bring people together to admire how abnormal occurrences can charm, disturb, question, and delight.

I also get my kicks from Beethoven…or at least, my classical music kicks. I will blog more about this in the future, but there is just something about him. When I was younger, I remember listening to my piano teacher talk about him with such rapture, and I would sit there wondering what I was missing. I didn’t get it. Then one day it just clicked. Something about being older, perhaps, or knowing more about love, maybe. Still chewing on that one.

Now put two and two together: Beethoven+Flash mob = tear-jerking, symphonic public spectacle. Enjoy!


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3 responses to “Beethoven, the Flash Mob

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