A friend linked to this video yesterday, and I was so inspired by the quality ham in this video I had to share it with you.

Let’s break down why this idea is so wonderful, shall we?

1. Quality Ham. And yes, I am aware this description is probably not kosher, even in metaphor. But the fact remains: when people get really hammy and don’t sell out or show fear of being embarrassed, everyone loves it. More than this, it makes anything possible, even two different families coming together for a choreographed musical number, which, as you will see in #2 is the second miracle.

2. Two becoming one.  In today’s weddings, we usually only focus on the couple getting married; that is, assuming the groom gets any attention at all.  Our individualistic culture has forgotten how marriages bind together two families, and even when we do remember, “In-laws” have a bad rap.  How many families would think to celebrate in such an epic, united, musical demonstration? Forget that…how many families would sit on the same side of a reception, let alone sing and dance together about how much they have to be thankful for? The sincerity of their joy comes through in this video in an inspiring eruption of Jewish toasts.

3. Reminds me of one of my proudest moments. Albeit, a personal reason, but a good one. I don’t like to brag, so I will be vague: my friends and I might have maybe staged a similar musical flash mob, perhaps at my wedding dinner, likely for maybe my husband. Nothing like this scale (we were at a public restaurant), but it did involve a ukulele and a kazoo.  This video and other displays of creativity run amok fill me with joy and remind me I’m not alone in my insatiable appetite for zaniness.


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