Feel Inside, and Inspiration Like That

A riddle for you: What’s dry, slightly awkward, and sounds like a Kiwi?  You guessed it!  Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo. For many years now have I followed the wiles of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, through their YouTube viral videos, their television show, and Bret’s Oscar Winning Fame.  And Figwit. But a few months ago, they outdid themselves.

The video below might be old news to you.  Personally I’ve watched it maybe fifty times.  But it came to mind while I was thinking about creativity recently. It is one of the most delightful, inspirational, brilliant ways to raise money I’ve ever seen. As of August, according to one source, the video had raised $1.3 million for the children.

Why does this video warm the cockles of my heart so?  Three reasons.

1. It speaks to the inner-child.  Our respective inner-children are simply brilliant and brilliantly simple. We should all listen to them more, even if children don’t always make sense.

2. Bret and Jemaine address the kids like they have something worth saying.  This does a number of things. First, it treats them with dignity and instills them with a sense of self-worth; second, it lets them share with us their distinctive insights; last, it might have hilarious consequences.

3. It blows every traditional method of fundraising out of the water, and I absolutely love it. A catchy tune, kids’ reasoning, and a good cause. Get my checkbook.

See for yourself. Warning: you might have a hard time getting the song out of your head.


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  1. deopatriaeamicis

    Nice to see you back here and posting again!

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