What do you mean, overboard?

I hope I take after my Mom.  This is the cake she made me when I turned six:

Now, if you think this is impressive, get this: she did this less than two weeks after making my brother’s cake, The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship from Peter Pan.  That year, she went all out on the birthdays, and praise the Lord we have it all on video to prove her genius.  My mom was the kind of mom that made other moms jealous.  For my brother’s Peter Pan-themed birthday party, she made the cake, she made costumes for most of the kids there, and she turned an indoor playground into a pirate ship—plank and all—with the help of PVC piping, cardboard and paint.  It was epic.  Then, a couple weeks later, she turned that same indoor playground into the beast’s castle, and threw a Beauty and Beast Party for my birthday with this stunning cake.  She impressed all who ever met her.

So now I am grown.  I am 24, which still weirds me out to say.  And I don’t think I have it in me to make a normal cake or throw a normal party.  The standard has simply been set too high.  And so this past week, for my birthday, a good friend noticed that I was six four times over.  I thought it appropriate to honor this anniversary with a tribute to that first cake, so I made another one with the help of mi pareja.  Check it out:

As I was finishing it up, my roommate asked if I were going to put roses all around it.  I said, “No, I’m not going to go overboard.”  That’s when I realized: “Overboard” is a relative term.

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