Blind Photography

I want to interrupt these stories about Israel to show you guys this awesome slideshow I saw this morning on the BBC:

Please view this link and watch the whole slideshow. It will blow your mind, even if you only have an inkling of interest in photography.  The photos in that slideshow were all taken by visually impaired photographers who were given the assignment of capturing their sensory experience on film.  Thus, the resulting photographs become visual representations of what the blind experience.  While initially the idea of blind photography may raise an eyebrow or two, the photographs in this slideshow produce stunning compositions delighting the eyes as well as the other senses the images evoke.  Personally, the slideshow opened my eyes, so to speak, to the idea that photography can evoke far more than simply a visual response.  Just as good writing could make the reader identify with sounds, smells and feelings, good photography likewise can draw a viewer into a holistic sensory experience.  Who would have thought that capturing an image might require shutting one’s eyes?


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