The Best Fortune Ever!

I just opened up a fortune cookie expecting the usual disappointing piece of paper stating something useless and lacking in pith.  Oh how wrong I was to underestimate the fortune cookie! Check it out!

You are the crispy noodle in the vegetarian salad of life.”

Score!  But what does it mean??? Why is it just a vegetarian salad?  I like vegetarian salads, but is life lacking in meat on a regular basis in the sense that it lacks a sensation of satisfaction and needs to be supplemented with missing nutrients?  If life is the salad, then what is the entree?  Not only this, but what dressing goes with life?  Do I get a choice of dressings depending on my tastes and moods?  Can I have the dressing on the side? I’m glad I am a crispy noodle…crispy things in salads give the salad a more interesting texture, which I guess means my role in life is to texturize the whole salad…yea.


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