What an Open!

The US Open drew to a close yesterday with Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina defeating defending champion Roger Federer for the Men’s Singles Title. A fabulous five setter, full of drama and suspense, the twenty-year old pulled ahead with a break in the last set to literally bring about an end of an era: the first time Federer lost at the US Open in forty-two matches. And today the world sighs, stunned.

But this wasn’t the only bit of drama this year…ohoho no. This was the kind of edge-of-your-seat tennis that enthusiastic players only dream of. I don’t think fans have been this riled since McEnroe had his famed meltdown of “You Can NOT Be Serious?” in 1891. What with Federer’s stunning loss, Kim Clijster’s enthralling win, and Serena William’s utter meltdown, tennis players and fans are all in a tizzy. I know I am.

I watched most of the Open this year on the computer, thanks to IBM’s marvelous website that allowed viewers to shift between televised courts with ease. Incidentally, my brother had the privilege of working at the Open as a kind of bouncer for the media center. He had a perfect view of the court. And since tennis has certain etiquette prescribing that no one in the stands should be moving around during match play lest the players get distracted, my brother had nothing to do during points but watch center court tennis. In other words, he got paid to watch every single daytime match in Ashe. Can you tell I’m still jealous?

Though I didn’t have Dan’s fortune to be there, I still caught most of the highlights. Here they are:

The Greatest Shot of all Time (or at least of Roger Federer’s life)

Kim Clijster’s win and baby:

Serena’s complete meltdown:

Del Potro’s win

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