More Simple Pleasures

Howdy folks. I just thought I’d jot down a few more simple pleasures I’ve thought of.

  1. Hummingbirds.
  2. How so many people have a different name for their grandma. Mine’s Mimi.
  3. Riding a bike with no hands and holding your arms out like wings. It feels as close as one can get to flying, I think.
  4. The word ‘canoodle.’
  5. The sound of a well-hit tennis ball.
  6. Finding money in the pockets of pants you haven’t worn in a while.
  7. Non-seasonal weather days (like the freak cold day in August or the delicious warm day in February.
  8. Tunnels that echo, or really any kind of echo for that matter.
  9. Cinnamon and Sugar.
  10. A good fog.

I’m pretty serious about hearing from you on this simple pleasures collection. I hope you come up with good ones. Thanks!


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One response to “More Simple Pleasures

  1. Beth Hampshire

    other pleasures….

    …that “ping” sound a warm jar of canned jam makes when it seals…

    …that “thonk” sound when opening a bottle of nice red wine at the start of a promising evening…

    …the time of evening right between daytime and dusk; shadows are long, colors deepen, hummingbirds hover….

    …the feeling of running while “The Cure” plays on your ipod…

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