Simple Pleasures, continued

A couple years ago I published a collection of Simple Pleasures in The Fish. By simple pleasures, I mean specifically common occurrences that, despite their relative unimportance to the events of the day, nonetheless manage to brighten the mood in a lasting way. In the article, I described twenty five instances of short joys, including walking in the city on a hot day and being blasted with chilled air bursting out from an opening door. Another example is pressing your lips to screen mesh and feeling them from the other side.

The effect of collecting these pleasures was infectiously felicitous. The more pleasures I recorded, the more of them I remembered. One happy thing gave way to another and the world became way more fun. It is the little joys in life which make the big struggles easier to bear. Philippians urges us to rejoice and be thankful, but we all know how difficult it can be when hard times come our way. But if we have a collection of simple joys we can remember our contentment lies with the God and it is through Him that we may experience joy at all. He is good and we have ample proof of this. We just have to pay more attention.

With this in mind, I really wanted to collect more simple pleasures. This is what I have for today:

  1. Licking the back of a yogurt or pudding lid.
  2. Trying to separate the twists of a twisty pretzel with your teeth while keeping the twists in tact.
  3. Thinking you finished your candy bar but realizing you only finished half of it. (This one courtesy of my cousin)
  4. Chipping in a birdie. (I don’t actually know how this feels, but it has been a long time since I’ve seen my brother grin like that)
  5. Sipping hot chocolate after a long winter’s day of playing in the snow.

There will be more in the upcoming days. If you have any ideas of simple pleasures, please let me know!

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