Suppress the urge to Photoshop

Check out this site:  Magical Photography to believe that are Not Photoshopped.


I ran across this site while looking for pictures of fish.  (I am painting mini murals in my bathroom.) I loved it immediately.  Too much Photoshop detracts from the beautiful reality of nature, and because of this I really appreciate photographers who purposefully abstain.

You may disagree here, and please let me know if you do, but using Photoshop for every shot is cheating.  There, I said it.  To the extent that photography is an art of the moment, capturing a scene in nature as originally experienced, touch ups afterwards detract from the value of the work.  A photographer’s job is to capture moments that are so beautiful or moving or quirky they deserve to be preserved.  Even if the image captured is contrived, better to have it represent real life than computerized fantasy.  A good photographer catches glimpses of life that might otherwise be missed.  If you need to use photoshop as a crutch for your photography, you need to practice.

Getting off of my high horse, I fully admit I am an amateur and the main reason I neglect to use Photoshop is out of laziness.  In truth, I love Photoshop.  It is a magical software.  I just don’t think it ought to be used too frequently.  Of course, some situations require it.  It helps fudge over mistakes, experiment with different compositions, erase blemishes, etc.   Most importantly, Photoshop in and of itself is an artistic medium with which artists can create wondrous works that speak to an audience as powerfully as an untouched photograph or painting.  But these works are not photography, they are digital art.  There is a big difference.  Photoshop is useful, but don’t get crazy.

Meg pushing over the Bridge

Meg pushing over the Bridge

Did I mention my brother could fly?

Did I mention my brother could fly?


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