Hooray! At last! My very own PHOTO PORTFOLIO! Check it out! My brother, in his emerging computer science genius, has been working night and day (practically) building me a beautiful website at emilycapo.com. I have my own dot com! This is so exciting! I feel so professional!

You may remember several months ago when I published a blog post about the difficulties of finding a free photo portfolio with workable features. I still have not yet found such a thing. Emilycapo.com, of course, is not free as it is my own domain name, but at least my brother has the freedom to build all the features he can add directly into the design. All I had wanted and failed to find in a preset portfolio was a black template, an easy-to-use slideshow feature that doesn’t reorder the photos, unlimited or at least a large allotment of digital space, and an uploader that can upload multiple photos at a time. I could find some of these features, but never all. There were all sorts of weird features I came across, such as a photoblog that organized photos by the date you uploaded them, but would only allow one photo per day. It didn’t matter what day it was, even if it were in, say, 1950. I couldn’t understand who would want this system, let alone have the patience enough to work with it.

But all this doesn’t matter anymore, thanks to Dan. Yay!


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