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My brother just introduced us to Ted Talks (, a website of free videos on subjects ranging from the psychology of psychopathic killers to the nature of time. It is a nice way to take a gander into some of the forefront of scientific thought in many different fields. Ted Talks does a great thing in the sense that the Talks take complicated topics and present them in a manageable form, easy enough for the layman to understand without watering it down too much. Best of all, the talks I’ve seen so far seem dedicated not only to communicating the subject itself but also why it is ground-breaking. I feel this is what the layman frequently needs most.

Check out this video. It is twenty minutes long, so make sure you have enough time to give it your attention, but trust me, it’s worth it. Hans Rosling is like the science teacher you always wished you had. His enthusiasm for his subject matter bubbles over and sweeps you up in his mirth. I never knew statistics could be so interesting. Not to mention, there is animation.

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