Absolutely UPlifted!

Pixar never fails to amaze me. You really gotta hand it to them: they have big shoes to fill—their own, and they keep getting bigger all the time.

I saw Up, Pixar’s latest creation, the night it came out. I couldn’t wait an additional second, although now I wish I had because my siblings and I completely forgot that we could have seen it in 3D. If you go, do not make this same mistake, but find a 3D theater. After WallE, anticipation overwhelmed me for the next magnificent explosion of Pixar creativity. Up most certainly did not disappoint.

I feel hesitant, actually, to say most anything about Up, due to concerns that I would give something away. In a way, it is a fairly different kind of story for Pixar because it deals primarily with human characters who neither are endowed with super powers nor enter a world full of monsters. Carl, the main character, brings Pixar to unexplored territory in the sense that he is a crotchety, old man, subject to gravity and changing times around him, or in other words, reality. Up, I feel, deals with many more aspects of real life than any of the previous films have done. This is not to say that the other films lacked morals or failed to touch upon recognizable human emotions in the midst of conflict. I think Finding Nemo terrifies you with the tale of a father losing his only child. In The Incredibles, a family has to learn to face challenges as a team, just as all of our own families must do. Pixar relates messages and tells stories extremely well, and I am not debating this. The difference with Up, however is that there are fewer plot twists than in many if not all of the other films. Because of this, your attention and focus are drawn instead to the conflicts in Carl’s life, the delightfulness of the jokes, and, never to forget, the stunning animation. As a result, you may not walk out of Up with the same flabbergasted reaction as with WallE or Nemo, movies that actually tired me out with overstimulation, but you leave the theater extremely pleased, feeling good about life and the wonderful places it make take you.

That is as much as I will say about this new film, except of course that I recommend it highly.

Man, what I would give to be a writer in that Pixar storyboard room…


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  1. Sarah

    You can increase the three people in your last post to four. I’m back in the world of the internet after recovering from the whole “getting married and moving apartments thing.” Can’t wait to see Up. We’re planning for this weekend. Although my boss’s boss arrived at work practically sobbing and said she and her husband went with their little daughter, and all three of them cried the whole way through. Hmmm.

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