Did you know…

We have come to the third country in our journey, and I have compiled several observations in no particular order.


1) That folks in Thailand drive on the left?

2) That monkeys can swim?  I have proof.

3) That silk worms taste like corn and are commonly eaten in Cambodia?

4) That patterns in silk are created by tie-dying individual threads?

5) That if you hack off the spiky parts of a pineapple, make a handle out of the top, and flip it over you have an pineapple popsicle?

6) That Cambodia’s primary currency is the US Dollar?

7) That Vietnam is the primary exporter of pepper?

8) That Jingle Bells is actually a traditional song of the Mekong Delta?  (Actually, this probably is not true, but some Mekong locals did play it for us)

9) That the Khrama, the traditional Khmer scarf can be used as a headdress, a scarf, a towel, underwear, a baby hammock, a purse, and a sweat rag?

10) That it took 300,000 people and 6000 elephants to build Angkor Wat?

11) That the Mekong River changes direction at the Tonle Sap Lake during the wet season and it was this phenomenon that made the building of Angkor possible?

12) That diabetics can eat Palm sugar safely?

14) That there are no fat people in Hanoi?

15) That most of South East Asia uses no toilet paper but rather a kind of hand-held bidet?

16) That antibacterial soap is extremely hard to find?

17) That travelers smoke a lot?

18) That Asians smoke a lot?

19) That elephants have very bristly hair on their skin?

20) That there are many 7 11s in Thailand?

I will have more later, but the Internet place is closing.



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2 responses to “Did you know…

  1. Sarah

    very neat there young lady.
    I love hearing your amazing tales.

    What other fun and weird things have tried to eat and drink?

  2. Sarah

    Oh and i would like to see a picture of that pineapple popsicle you speak about.

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