What time is it in Hanoi?

Next week I head off to Vietnam.  I will be there Tuesday/Wednesday.  I write the slash because I have no idea what time/day it will be back in the USA.  I should figure that out.  Regardless, next week sometime I will be perusing the streets of Hanoi, touring floating markets, hiking the northern mountains, sailing Hao Long Bay, and seriously contemplating taking a sip of snake wine just for the bragging rights.snake-wine21

Given my new surroundings, my posts to this blog will likely read more like a travel journal than the collection of random thoughts it normally comprises.  Just a heads up.   I am still figuring out how to post photos efficiently and prettily, and will have an announcement about that when I make it work.  As of now, please visit my Picasa site.  

This trip has been so long in the making it feels CRAZY it will actually begin next week. We start in Hanoi then will gradually make our way through Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia over the course of six weeks.  Other than this rough sketch, we have no set itinerary.  This is real ‘flying by the seat of our pants’ traveling.


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  1. Erin

    Hi Travelers! Hope you are having an excellent first two weeks!!

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