Announcing not one but THREE photo portfolios

After hours and hours of struggling to create an online photo portfolio with a descent aesthetic, I have finally achieved three different mediocre methods of displaying my photos.  If anyone has any thoughts on how to artfully display photos in a professional matter, I would love to know the secret.

What I can’t understand is why is it so hard to display one’s photos in a way that looks half way descent?  What I require is very little:  A black template that automatically places thumbnails next to the display photo with a nice and easy-to-use slideshow function and NO ugly host logo printed all over the page.  Now, before I continue with my complaint, I will acknowledge for the record that to a certain extent I have little right to complain as I am unwilling to pay anything for a customized page.    But what I don’t get is why should I have to pay when there are hundreds of free hosts?  The real question is, why must so many of them be so ugly and difficult to use.

First I tried to create a wordpress photoblog.  There was only one template available (which I can’t understand), and I don’t know CSS enough to upload a custumized template.  This is how Trial #1 turned out: ecapophotos.

Not bad.  But I feel that there is far too much white on the page and I can’t for the life of me guess why the programmer of a PHOTO blog would make the profile length photos be larger than the browser window.  One should never have to scroll down to see a photo.  Takes away from the mystique.

The same problem of needing to scroll down on the profiles happens here at Animus3.  This blog has the aesthetic I’m looking for but it does this weird thing where it forces you to only publish one photo per day.  You can publish photos on any day, even ones past, but only one per day.   To a certain extent this does not matter, but what the heck kind of idea is that?  What kind of photographer only wants to show only one photo per day?  What’s more, what kind of photo enthusiast only wants to see one photo a day?  It’s a ridiculous idea if you ask me.

Yesterday, I was exploring the features of Gmail and I discovered that they have an automatic link to a Google sponsored Picasa account.  This is ridiculously easy to use and I am really quite pleased with it.  It has all I want except the black and the lack of a logo.  The slideshow feature looks pretty good.  Overall though, it is still not quite swank.  I thought everyone wanted swank.  I guess I was wrong.

Ok, I’m done complaining.  Again, if any one has any advice as to how to solve my problem, I would greatly appreciate your comments.


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