Did you know…

That Pink Dolphins existed? I did not. Whilst perusing tourist attractions in Singapore, I came across a kind of amusement park called Sentosa. Complete with a zoo, and underwater world, a beach resort, spa, colonial forts, and nature trails, this “slice of paradise in Singapore’s doorstep” has everything to amuse, including apparently, PINK DOLPHINS! And you can swim with them! Check it out:

Delight yourself through a close interaction with our charming pink dolphins at the Dolphin Lagoon. These pink mammals are known as Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphins. Grab this rare opportunity to learn more about these intelligent pink mammals on various aspects such as husbandry behavior and their various characteristics. Under the guidance of our trainers, you can learn how to give simple hand cues and watch the dolphins perform their natural abilities such as wave their fins, balance a basketball, and even whistle! You will also get a chance to feed the dolphin too!

Who’d a thunk? Pink!

Sentosa also has one of the most interesting spa activities I think I have ever heard of. If mud baths and seaweed wraps don’t satisfy your lusts for weird pleasures, how about a Fish-administered pedicure…

Fish Reflexology (located next to Underwater World Singapore)
Underwater World Singapore also offers a unique activity that enable visitors to unwind and have fun at the same time. At Fish Reflexology, participants get to enjoy a unique pedicure session done by spa fish, followed by a good massage by a qualified foot reflexologist.

We may just have to pay a visit to Sentosa, because goodness knows a fish pedicure is just what I’ve always wanted.


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