The Travel Bug

My dad and I have a running joke that he infected me with the Travel Bug…an extremely contagious and chronic syndrome  characterized by an infernal itch to see more of the world and its people.  You know you have the Travel Bug if you satisfy the following criteria:

1) You see a picture of a waterfall and wonder how close you can get without being churned to bits.

2) You slurp a vermicelli noodle and wish you could learn how to make pho in Vietnam

3) You have a “1000 places to see before you die” day calendar.

4) Snorkel Flippers feel like a natural addition to your feet.

5) You are determined to climb a mountain no matter how many blisters may rupture.

6) You wish you had eaten termites when you had the chance.

7) You may possibly be willing to try hitchhiking again.

8) The show GlobeTrekker makes you feel warm and happy inside.

9) You look outside at the dull, gray and chilly winter weather at 43 degrees latitude and make resolutions to be elsewhere the next winter.

10) The following video fills you with joy:


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