Yes, I would like to see your Ukuleles.

Now that Christmas is over I can finally talk about this year’s crazy shopping experience without spoiling anyone’s surprise. This year, I actually went into a store and asked, “Where might I find a ukulele?” It felt so strange coming out of my mouth. I suppose that it wasn’t such a strange question to be asking in a music store, or such a strange question considering that I was buying it for my brother, quite an accomplished musician. But I couldn’t help laughing as I said it. I actually got to ask it three times as the employees at the music store didn’t seem very organized. By the time I found the guy who works in the acoustic room, he handed me the only remaining ukulele in the store (or at least the only remaining ukulele under $200). Apparently, ukuleles are in high demand this year. Go figure. This ukulele, though, turned out to be quite a nice thing. It even has a jack to plug into an amplifier. Not too shabby.

You may think that the ukulele was the most exotic of the presents I gave this year, but you would be wrong. On Thanksgiving weekend I spent an hour in a craft store buying supplies to make a replica of the Simba headdress from The Lion King on Broadway. My fellow, you see, is a huge Lion King fan, so I figured it would be a perfect gift. The craft store had every thing I needed, too, which was quite handy. I made the face out of a special papier mache mix where you add water, kneed, and mold it like clay. I made the mane out of two needle point sewing rings, some wires, and an enormous amount of frayed twine. I made the crown part out of a very pliable aluminum wire so it is actually adjustable for whatever your head size may be. There was also quite a bit of glue gun use. I think it turned out pretty well.

Also this Christmas, I bought a cordless phone that you can submerge in water, a calendar all about poop (A nugget of poop knowledge a day), and boxers covered in the Grinch. Merry Christmas everyone!


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