An unorthodox model for Evangelism

Last Sunday our pastor spoke on Acts 2. We should not stress out about Evangelism, said Pastor Peter. “Our desire should be to seek all that God has in store for us.” When we grasp even a smidgeon of God’s greatness and beauty, and then add that smidgeon to the active work of the Spirit, we will burst at the seams with praise. Peter used the example of when we see a great movie or eat a great meal. “Oh man, dude, you gotta try this!” we say to all of our friends. “This movie totally rocked! You need to see it!” Peter says that if we can get this excited about a movie, we should at least match that in our praise of God Almighty.

I was pondering this concept later that Sunday evening when all of a sudden Josh’s roommate burst through the door with an enormous grin stretched across her face. She was dressed in a bright red peacoat with her brown curls hanging gracefully down on her shoulders. She had clearly carefully adorned herself to match the latest fashion. She obviously was begging to be asked about her evening. “Well, you look happy,” Josh said.” “OH MY GOD!” shouted the roommate. “So I was having dinner at this restaurant downtown when I turn around and I saw, oh my God you will never believe it, when I saw the ridiculously hot guy from CSI. He was even hotter in person! And when I told my friend she was like, ‘no way, that is not him,’ then I was like, ‘you don’t even watch CSI, whatever, it is totally him.’ Then just as we were saying this we see this other couple going up to him and asking, ‘Excuse me, are you on CSI,’ and we heard him say, ‘yes, I am,’ and then right after that my friend was like, ‘Excuse me sir, this girl’ pointing to me, ‘is your biggest fan,’ and I was like, oh my God you totally didn’t just do that,’ but then we ended up having a drink with him and as he left he said, ‘it was lovely to meet you girls,’ and I nearly died. Maybe I will bump into him some other point and then if he remembers me I will know that it was fate. Oh my God he was so hot.” I don’t think she took a breath during the entire monologue.

I have seen boy-crazy girls give such oratories before, but this was pretty impressive. Her enthusiasm stunned me. I realized that if she can be filled with such glee over some pretty boy from the TV how much more I should enthusiastically tell people about the God I love so dearly, and who so dearly loves me. And what could be more beautiful than the very bastion of beauty Himself?

There is a lesson to be learned from Boy Craziness, I think. An ironic and far-reaching point, yes, but nonetheless an interesting metaphor. Be open to the Spirit’s work, and when He moves you, sing out loud with all of your might about the beauty of the Lord.


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