Yeah, Halloween is kind of a big deal.

Josh and I did these the other night. They were a big hit with the Trick-or-treaters.

There was one little girl in particular dressed as Mrs. Addams from the Addams Family, decked out with a long black wig with white highlights and eyeliner. She was walking up the steps when all of a sudden she saw the pumpkins, stopped, threw back her head and giggled unabashedly. I was thrilled.

I grew up in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Yes, that’s right. The real one. Halloween is a huge deal where I live. The Cemetery holds special events. There are scary stories read by candlelight at the Old Dutch Church. The Haunted Hayride is, well, legendary.

In addition to this, my mom always made a huge deal out of Halloween. Our costumes were rarely, if ever, store-bought. We always carved pumpkins in the images of the politicians or movie stars of the year. I believe my sister carved one this year of the Joker from Dark Knight, and wrote “Why so Serious?” at the bottom. She did that because I told her we had the presidents-elect covered. Meg went as a Cereal Killer (with bloodied boxes of cereal attached to her person, which threateningly brandishes a spoon). I went as a Flamenco Dancer, with an entire outfit I bought while studying abroad in Spain. We don’t joke about this holiday.

I remember the years when we used to rig up our door with tricks. The first one was a giant spider that swung out from the stairway straight through the door and above the heads of treat-seeking kiddos. The next one was a witch that flew down on a broom attached to a zipline. With that one, we played the witch’s theme from the Wizard of Oz. That was the best one, I think. We also once attached a leaf blower to a garment bag and when it inflated, the Phantom of the Opera rose up out of a large flower pot. We cued the music and everything. Another year, when Arnold Swarzenegger became the Governator, we carved his face into a pumpkin and then stuck a speaker behind it. Then my mom did AHNold impressions into a microphone and talked to the kids. Ah, memories.

You should see us in the Fourth of July.

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