Redeeming Reason, apparently

Golly Gee, it has been a long time since I have written. I really like that phrase, golly gee. I think we should bring it back.

Over the summer I had a hard time writing regularly because I was convinced that you need to be out and doing things gathering material for the blog. Now I am bouncing all over the place and finding it hard to narrow down my day’s observations to a comprehensive and hopefully entertaining post. Whatcha gonna do?

So what have I been doing? The Lord has sent me back to Chicago where I have signed on to working on the Redemption of Reason conference. The Redemption of Reason, and it has taken me a long time to figure this out, is a conference series engaging the University community in conversation about the intersection between Christianity and Academia. The general idea is that we should refrain from segregating our knowledge by their source—we should combine all of the knowledge we have so that we can have a holistic understanding of God’s truth. As Christians, we not only can think empirically and logically, but we can also rely on scripture and revelation for knowledge. We should use all we can.

This year, the conference is a little different. We focus this year on social justice and human rights. First, we hope to expose our audience to the complexity of both the idea of human rights and the circumstances of injustices around the world. Then we wish to discuss the role of Christians both in history and currently. Lastly, we hope to get people energized on what we can do to spread the idea of human rights via the Gospel as a way of promoting justice around the world, starting with sweet home, Chicago.

Yes, this is what I am doing. Or trying to.

ßThis photo is of Contemplation of Justice, complements of the illustrious Mr. Josh Sauerman.


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